When You Stop Trying

We’ve been trying for kids for the last seven years. Now we are done. 

It’s a strange feeling. It’s been a long journey to get here. We now have two healthy small children and have decided it’s time for a new chapter. 

It’s a mixture of bittersweet and relief. On one hand, our kids are a delight – they are such a blessing and it’s sad in a way that there won’t be more of them – that the last times things happen with our daughter will likely be the last time we experience it. 

On the the other hand, it’s exciting to see them grow up. The stronger emotion is that these two little blessings are growing and developing and rather than focusing on what won’t be, focusing on them and who they are here and now is a better idea. Savoring the here and now, instead of mourning what just wasn’t meant to be. 

And as I do that, I can’t help but to be encouraged and see the good in it. This time, this season – while not what we planned, is good. This family, is ours and it’s good as it is. 

I’m happy about that. 


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