3 Months

I’d forgotten what 3 months was like. Three months is when the babies personality really starts to come out. Suddenly she is just sleeping all the time and when awake looking around crying. 

At three months babies are on the move – slowly at first, but then with bursts of energy. She is grabbing toys, putting them in her mouth, testing and tasting everything. Rolling, rocking, scooting no longer stationary, babies at this age have to be watched much more attentively than before. 

They are also more demanding. Suddenly squealing and demanding attention and toys where just a couple weeks ago she seemed to not be fully aware of them. She now tries to talk back when previously she didn’t seem to know that the noises she made were her own. 

Three months is like an awakening. You forget these things from one child to the next – when they go from quiet, sleeping baby to powerhouse of tiny energy and exploration. Memory gets foggy. Three months is definitely a turning point of when things start to change. 


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