It’s intimidating after a tiny newborn joins your life to know how to start to go again.

Sometimes people travel very soon after the baby is born because we want to but sometimes we travel because we have to.

As an expat family with an international move coming up and a lifestyle that is one of constant change and transition, I was frustrated with the lack of information online on how to travel with babies and children. The general consensus was “Don’t.” Sure, if I lived in the US and had a normal career and so did my husband, it might (and that is a big maybe!) be feasible to wait a couple years before taking baby J on much of a trip.

However, for us that is just not possible. We both have to travel and want to travel. Baby J was born in Tokyo and made his first plane trip at seven weeks. By that time he was already used to train, bus and car travel due to normal life in Tokyo. I searched online to find out how to travel with him regularly – I think I was looking for a blog that would just tell me how it was done and came up short for the most part.

So this blog is to account for that – I am a parent that both must travel (as in, baby is going to have to come back from Japan to the US before he is a year old, we have no choice on that one!) and wants to travel (there are too many awesome places to not take good deals when we see them, so baby gets to just learn early!). I’ll write up my “trials and errors” on life on the road with a baby.


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