One of the first things people said when we told them we were expecting was that our traveling days would have to come to an end, and we would need to slow down. We worried a bit about this, because we didn’t want to be a) bad parents or b) stuck at home.

Instead, when baby J was four months old we embarked our most ambitious journey yet – 8 countries in 16 days. With a four month old in tow.

We didn’t do it to prove anything – we just read that Hilton was about to devalue their points and knew we were probably about to leave Asia so our miles wouldn’t go as far. So the decision to try it was a mathematical one more than anything else.

Much to our surprise, traveling with a four-month old wasn’t as hard as it was made out to be. In fact, the trip was actually a lot of fun and very relaxing. It was hands down the best vacation we have had yet.

Now I am not going to lie – it is harder than traveling by yourself – but traveling with anyone is harder than traveling by yourself. There is no throwing together a backpack at the last minute and spending three weeks in Cambodia (for the curious, yes, I did do that at one point in my younger single days). But it also wasn’t as hard as it was made out to be.

Instead, we found the trip to be incredibly fulfilling. Baby J is super curious about everything. As adults, I think we lose that childlike innocence and curiosity about the world. It was fun to see his wide-eyed wonder.

Traveling with little kids isn’t for everyone, but for those who love to travel it needs to be known that not only is it possible, but it is also a lot of fun and a great way to involve your child in what you love.

The things that we love the most about traveling, Baby J actually makes better. Seeing the beauty in the ordinary, meeting and interacting with people, learning the culture and the language of the place – those only got better because with him we found common ground with many people we otherwise might not have.

I’m writing down what helped us because I think far too many people are scared off from traveling with children because it seems overwhelming, when actually, it could very well one of the most enriching gifts we could give our children.

So the purpose of this blog is just a guideline – what was helpful for us. Feel free to use it and let me know what did and didn’t work for you! It is the blog I was looking for when I was trying to research for our 16 day extravaganza across Asia and just couldn’t find. Hopefully it will make it easier for more parents to travel confidently.

I started this blog to focus on traveling with a small one. However, for more on traveling in general (my blog started pre-kids that I didn’t want to turn into a mommy-blog) click here.


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